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ICAR - Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering & Technology
भा.कृ.अनु.प.- केन्द्रीय कटाई उपरान्त अभियांत्रिकी एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED INSTITUTION (Formerly ISO 9001:2008 Certified)
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Ongoing Projects

Sr. Project Title Project Leader
1Development and Evaluation of Eco-Friendly mustard based antimicrobial formulation using other botanicals for eradication of bacterial blight in pomegranateDr. S.K. Tyagi
2Development of ACE-Inhibitory Peptides from Fish and Livestock Processing WasteSh. Vikas Kumar (PI)
3Value chain improvement through post-harvest handling, storage and processing of mango.Dr Ramesh Kumar (PI)
4Development of process protocol for cryogenic grinding of selected medicinal plants/herbs (Curry leaf, Nutmeg and Safed Musli)Dr. Pankaj Kumar (PI)
5Development of collagen hydrolysate from buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) skin and its effect on osteoarthritisDr. Tanbir Ahmad (PI)
6Design and analysis of greenhouse structures for selected Regions of IndiaEr. Indore Navnath Sakharam (PI)
7Development of automatic Sorter/Grader for Pomegranate and TomatoEr. Yogesh Kalnar (PI)
8Development of pigmented cereals based expanded/ extruded products and their nutritional evaluationDr. K. Bembem, (PI)
9Designing Extension Strategies for Wider Adoption of Post-Harvest Technologies based on Adoption Behaviour of End UsersDr. Renu Balakrishnan (PI)
10Carbon footprint analysis in wheat processing for better sustainability of post-harvest management of wheatDr. V.Eyarkai Nambi (PI)
11Development of mechanized litchi de-stoner.Dr. Bibwe Bhusan Ratnakar (PI)
12Development of process for color extraction from black carrot and its byproducts and its utilization in value added productDr. Prerna Nath Kale (PI)
13Development of hermetically sealed storage structure of 1Tonne capacity for pulsesEr. Akhoon Asrar Bashir (PI)
14Development of cold plasma system for decontamination/dis-infestation of agricultural producesDr. V. Chandrasekhar (PI)
15Development of smart device for automatic detection and identification of insects in stored grains using machine vision technologyDr. V.E. Nambi (PI)
16Development of user friendly android based mobile application (Mobile app) for technology dissemination and outreach program on postharvest processing and value additionDr. Ranjeet Singh (PI)
17Development of technology for de-ponding of green pea & cowpea’Dr. Bibwe Bhushan .Ratnakar (PI)
18Design and Development of Mechanized System for Fruit Bar ManufacturingEr. Kirti Jalgaonkar (PI)
19Utilization of fruit waste and plant extracts in developing antimicrobial coatings for extending shelf-life of fruits. Word vegetables should be omittedDr. Sunil Kumar (PI)
20Development of convenient breakfast products using sprouting and extrusion technologyDr. Swati Sethi (PI)
21Development of improved flaking system for small scale production of rice flakesEr. Dhritiman Saha (PI)
22Design and development of microwave assisted continuous popping system for selected food grainsEr. Chandan Solanki (PI)
23Design and development of dehumidified hot air dryer for maizeDr. Arun Kumar T.V. (PI)
24Development of real time monitoring system for transportation of perishablesDr. R.K. Vishwakarma (PI)
25Development of rapid spectroscopic and molecular techniques for detection of animal species in meat productsDr. Yogesh Kumar (PI)
26Development of spectroscopic techniques for instant detection of honey adulterationDr. Pranita Jasiwal (PI)
27Development of National Database on NARES Technologies in Post-Harvest SectorDr. S.K. Nanda
28Process Protocol for production of quality Green RaisinsMs. Prerna Nath Kale
29Development of technology for destalking and packaging of dried chilliesEr. Kirti R. Jalgaonkar
30Newer methods for energy efficient oil extraction and novel product development from mustard seedDr. S. K. Tyagi
31Development of improved Process and Machinery for enhanced Dhal Recovery from Pigeon PeaDr. Rajesh Kumar Vishwakarma
32Development and mechanization of low fat high fibre functional meat productsDr. Yogesh Somvanshi
33Development of quality sensing system for mushroom and minimally processed pomegranate arilsDr. Pranita Jaiswal
34Development and evaluation of active ethylene absorbing packaging film material for selected climacteric fruits.Dr. Rahul K. Anurag
35Design development and evaluation of equipments/machine and storage structures for primary processing and low temperature storage of onions in bulk.Dr. D. M. Kadam
36Design and development of Wonder Bag for wheat storageDr. Sandeep Mann
37Development of continuous primary processing and shrink packaging line for cauliflower and cabbageDr. R.K. Vishwakarma