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Completed External Funded

Multiplication, Field Demonstration and Distribution of "CIPHET Banana-Comb / Hand Cutter"
Dr. D M Kadam and Dr. D Dhingra

1) Mass production and multiplication of CIPHET developed "CIPHET Banana-comb/hand cutter".

2) Field demonstration, distribution, promotion and sale of the tool to the beneficiaries with help of NHB.

3) Performance evaluation of banana-comb/hand cutter and collection of feed back from banana growers/ traders etc.


1) National Horticulture Board (NHB), Gurgoan has sanctioned Rs. 7.25 Lakh for Mass production (4000Nos), field demonstration and distribution of Manual Banana-Comb/Hand Cutter.
2) Got fabricated 4000 nos. of CIPHET banana-comb/hand cutter tool from National Agro Industries, Ludhiana
3) Tool is already in the farmer’s field and big companies like Field Fresh of Bharti Del Monte, Reliance retail Ltd and Jain Foods have purchased tool for testing as their retail initiatives.
4) This tool will definitely reduce 2 to 6% post harvest losses of banana during cutting operation.
5) Sale and distribution of banana-comb/hand cutter is going on.
6) Cost of “CIPHET Banana-Comb/hand Cutter” is Rs.150 per piece excluding packaging and forwarding charges.


CIPHET banana-comb cutter demonstrated to farmers and traders. CIPHET E – Newsletter for July 2007, Vol. 2 No. 7: page no. 6-8.
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Dattatreya M. Kadam, R T Patil and D Dhingra (2007). Design, Development and Evaluation of manually operated Banana-Hand Cutter” (poster presented). National Conference on “Food and Nutrition Security: Food and Biotechnological interventions” Dept. of Food Technology, SLIET, Longowal on 22nd and 23rd March 2007.
Dattatreya M. Kadam, D. Dhingra and R. T. Patil (2007). Development, Evaluation and Demonstration of Manual Banana-comb/Hand Cutter” (poster presented) during National Conference on Banana held at NRC Banana, Trichy during 25 to 29 October, 2007.
Dattatreya M. Kadam and R T Patil (2009). Mechanisation in Banana with Special Reference to Bunch Management” (paper presented) during 2nd National Conference on “Production of Healthy Planting Materials in Banana” from 3rd to 6th October 2009 held at Jain Hills, Jalgoan.


1) CIPHET Banana-comb/hand cutter, patented and commercialized technology which is already being used by many banana-growers, traders and industries.
2) CIPHET Banana-comb cutter technology of CIPHET, Ludhiana is transferred to National Agro Industries, Ludhiana at the license fees of Rs 45,000 (Non-exclusive).
3) Technology released to the market and license agreement handed over to the National Agro Industries, Ludhiana on 18th May 2009.