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Food Grains & Oilseeds Processing

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Development of technology for oil expelling of dehulled flaxseed (linseed) kernel and utilization of de-oiled cake(DST Project).
Dr. K.K.Singh* Mridula Devi# and P. Barnwal *P.I. up to February 18, 2010; #P.I. since February 19, 2010

1) To develop process for mechanical fractionation of flaxseed to separate lignan rich hull from the kernel.
2) To develop and optimize process for expelling of dehulled flaxseed kernel.
3) To develop process technology for utilization of de-oiled cake as health food for human consumption and non-ruminant (poultry and fish) feed


1) Physical properties of flaxseed varieties (11 No.) was done.
2) Some physical and mechanical properties of Neelam and Garima varieties of flaxseed were studied as a function of moisture content (3.24% to 17.21% d.b).
3) Dehulling of flaxseed- The dehulling was favourable at lower moisture content (1.9% wb and 4.5% wb) for 40s residence time and 2000 rpm of abrasive disc (rotor) of the polisher. The highest embryo recovery of 44% has been obtained at 2% moisture content and 40 s residence time.


1) Jagbir Rehal and K.K. Singh. Effect of moisture content on some physical properties of flaxseed var. Neelam. XLIVth ISAE Convention & Symposium, New Delhi. January 28-30, 2010
2) Rehal,J. and Singh, K. K. Alsi:Khadya,Aahar Aur reshe ka sambhavit shrot. National Hindi Seminar on ‘Role of Agricultural Processing Industry in Rural Development’, CIPHET, Ludhiana, 13-14 November, 2009.

Design and development of foam mat dryer for selected liquid foods (Tomato, Mango, Kinnow and Pineapple)
Dr. D.M. Kadam (PI), Dr. S. Balasubramanian (Co-PI), Dr. D.R. Rai (Co PI) ) and Ms. Monika Sharma (Co-PI)

1) To study the physico-chemical and engineering properties of different liquid juices (Tomato, Kinnow, Pineapple and Mango).
2) To study the suitability of different foaming agents for foam development and stabilization.
3) Design and development of continuous type pilot scale foam mat dryer.
4) Optimisation of foam-mat drying process for Tomato, Kinnow, Pineapple and Mango juices producing reconstitutable powders.
5) Characterization and evaluation of quality attributes of foam mat dried powders.
6) Scale up of foam mat dryer for industrial use.


 1) Foam mat drying of tomato, mango and kinnow juice experiments were operated under different drying air temperature (65, 75 and 85„aC).
2) Biochemical analysis such as TSS, Titrable acidity, ascorbic acid, sugar, microbial load, colour values etc. of foam mat dried Kinnow, mango and tomato powder was done.


1) Dattatreya M. Kadam, Robin A. Wilson, and Sumandeep Kaur (2010). Determination of biochemical properties of foam mat dried mango powder. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. 45; 1626-1632 doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2621.2010.02308.x
2) Dattatreya M. Kadam, S Balasubramanian (Accepted). Foam mat drying of tomato juice. Journal of Food Process Engineering.
3) Dattatreya M. Kadam, Robin A. Wilson, Sumandeep Kaur and Manisha (Accepted). Influence of Foam Mat Drying on Quality of Tomato Powder. International Journal of Food Properties
E- book Chapter
Dattatreya M. Kadam, R. T. Patil and Pratibha Kaushik (2010). Foam Mat Drying of Fruit and Vegetable Products (Chapter 5). E book entitled “Drying of Food, Vegetables and Fruits” Volume 'A': Fundamental Topics. Edited by Dr. Sachin Jangam (National University of Singapore), Dr. Chung Lim Law (University of Nottingham, Malaysia) and Professor Arun Mujumdar (National University of Singapore). arun/file/ Publications /books/ Drying%20of%20Foods %20 Vegetables%20and%20Fruits%20Volume%201.pdf
Dattatreya M. Kadam (2009). Mathematical Modeling of Thin Layer Foam Mat Drying of Tomato Juice paper presented at 12th Punjab Science Congress for Punjab Young Scientist Award held at PAU, Ludhiana during February 7-9, 2009.