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ICAR - Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering & Technology
भा.कृ.अनु.प.- केन्द्रीय कटाई उपरान्त अभियांत्रिकी एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED INSTITUTION (Formerly ISO 9001:2008 Certified)
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No.Project TitleProject Leader
1Use of by-product of mustard seed having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal moisture repellant properties.Dr. S.K. Tyagi, Sr. Scientist
2Lac Scrapping cum grader for grader raw lac product at in divides lac graces landDr. Deepak Raj Rai ,Sr. Scientist
3Groundnut pod graderDr. R.P. Kachru, Dr. Deepak Raj Rai Sr.Scientist
4A low energy process of dehulling the mustard seedsDr. S.K. Tyagi, Sr. Scientist
5Development of new process for stick lac removal at a faster rate by means of a newly invented, powder operated lac scrapping machineDr. Deepak Raj Rai , Sr. Scientist
6Low cost technique for enhancement of shelf life of tomatoDr. R.K. Goyal, Sr. Scientist
7CIPHET Tomato graderDr. R.K. Goyal, Sr. Scientist
8A new technique of processing the mustard seed for reducing refining cost improving quality of oilDr. S.K. Tyagi, Sr. Scientist
9Method of determining maturity of intact mango on treeDr. S.N. Jha, Sr. Scientist
10CIPHET, fruit collector cum graderDr. SatyaVir Singh, Scientist (SS)
11High capacity of lac scrapper cum grader for simultaneous scrapping and grading on lac encrustationsDr. Deepak Raj Rai , Sr. Scientist
12High speed, precision grading of groundnut pods graderDr. Deepak Raj Rai , Sr. Scientist
13Alternate cheaper breaching material for edible oil refiningDr. S.K. Tyagi, Sr. Scientist
14Development of process of debittering of kinnow juice using on absorbentDr. S.K. Tyagi, Sr. Scientist
15Pre-grinding of oilseed prior to mechanical expelleyDr. S.K. Tyagi, Sr. Scientist
16CIPHET Fruit SaverDr. SatyaVir Singh, Scientist (SS)
17Rotary Maize Cob ShellerSh. V.K. Garg, Technical Officer (T-9)
18A new process of oil extraction from karanj seed (Pongmia glabra) through mechanical expressionDr. R.K. Gupta, Sr. Scientist
19CIPHET Castor Depodder /DecorticatorSh. V.K. Garg, Technical Officer (T-9)
20Energy efficient bengal gram sattu making technologyDr. Mridula D. Scientist (SS)
21A process for production of Kernels from NSFH-36 Variety of Sunflower seeds (Helianthus annus L) for confectionery purpose in Food IndustryDr. R.K. Gupta, Sr. Scientist
22Process Technology for making Anardana Ready to mix ChutneyDr. Desh Bir Singh, Sr. Scientist
23Process Technology for making Digestive Product from Anardana (Anardana HazmahazamDr. Desh Bir Singh, Sr. Scientist
24Development of sunflower kernel based confectionery productsDr. R.K. Gupta, Sr. Scientist
25Process for debittering of kinnow / citrus juices by using pretreated indigenous adsorbent resin.Dr. SatyaVir Singh, Scientist (SS)